Saint Christopher

Saint Christopher is traditionally called the Patron of Travelers. His legend tells about how he was a degenerate man who wished to learn about God. In an attempt to reform his life, he began to give travelers safe passage across a local river by placing them on his shoulders and wading through the fast-moving water. Once day, a very young boy came to Christopher requesting a ride across the river. St. Christopher, thinking this would be an easy fare, placed the child on his shoulders and began wading to the center of the river. As he approached the deepest parts of the water, the weight of the child began to increase rapidly. So heavy had his charge grown that Christopher began to be forced into the mud at the bottom of the river, the water reaching above his head. As Christopher rose above the water, gasping for air as he drowned, he shouted, "It feels as though the whole weight of the world is on my shoulders." 

At that, the weight decreased and Christopher barely made it to shore, coughing and gasping. The young child was transfigured into a white light and the voice of Jesus came from the light, saying, "Christopher, you now understand my sacrifice." 

Christopher's life was transformed and he led a life of charity and purity. His name means "Christ-bearer" and through his intercession, he protects those who are traveling far from home or in their cars or vessels. His medals are typically kept in travel vehicles, such as cars, boats, buses, and planes.