St Michael Scapular

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This embroidered felt and silken ribbon-scapular is light and comfortable to wear. Scapulars have been around in some form since the beginnings of monastic life in the 5th and 6th centuries. Originally part of a monk's habit, it was worn over the chest as a sign of vassal-hood, declaring that one belonged to one's order, to God, or to Our Lady. Over the years, many scapular designs and types were given to chosen saints in visions and ecstasies. St. Michael's scapular was given to a monk who lived on Mount St. Michele' in France. St. Michael declared that those who wore it would receive his special protection in life. 

One who wants to receive the scapular must either be invested with it in a small ceremony or have their scapular blessed by an ordained priest or deacon. The promises attached to scapulars for those who wear them are that one will skip purgatory and go straight to heaven and will receive special graces and help from the saint of the scapular. In order to wear a scapular, one must make the following promises: to do one act of charity a day (however small, like smiling at someone); say the prayers attached to the scapular every day (in this case, St. Michael's prayer); live a chaste existence according to their station in life. 

This scapular, unlike others, is in full color. It comes to the purchaser already blessed and ready to wear.