My Old Catholic Religious Catalog

We have everything necessary to assist you in your devotion to God, prayer life, and needs for protection against evil. From Rosaries to Exorcist Medals and Crosses to Holy Water Bottles (with Holy Water included free!), we attempt to offer the finest in both sacramentals, prayer tools, and protective items. Because our owner is Director of the Paranormal Clergy (Deacon Kristina Rake, M.A.), we have a special ministry to those in the fields of paranormal investigation and demonology. We offer some of the best and unique protective jewelry and tools to ensure your safety in your work. Saint Benedict and St. Michael are our patrons: the world's greatest exorcist (aside from Jesus) and the Angel who cast out Satan and the rebel angels from heaven. 
This store isn't just about deliverance, exorcism, and casting out demons. We are equally, if not more, devoted to feeding the mind and the soul. Our dedication to Catholic Christian education in both theology and scripture inspires us to offer devotionals, theology CDs, lectures on spirituality, paranormal and theological books, guided meditation lessons and CDs, prayer books, and many, many other items you will not find anywhere else.  And all of the items we sell come to you blessed personally! Our clergy bless your item and you by name, praying for you and your family as we bless your items after purchase. If you purchase a holy water vial, whether a simple plastic one or a decorative or travel holy water container, we will fill it with holy water blessed by the Archbishop for free! We never sell a blessed item, but we bless the items we sell! Visit us often as we update our collections.
We have a new book, Psychic Mediums and the Bible: Which Supernatural Gifts Does God REALLY Forbid, Allow, and Command Us to Use?  coming to us June 1st. Pre-orders will be available soon. We also have a CD series by our Director of Paranormal Clergy and Demonology Expert, Deacon Rake: Demonology 101: Angels, Demons, Possession, and Exorcism. So peruse our Collection of distinctively Catholic items for your religious, devotional, spiritual, and paranormal needs!

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We are an Independent Catholic Church in the Old Catholic Church Communion. Fully Catholic with Apostolic Authority and fully valid sacraments, we are an inclusive community, rejecting none and welcome ALL to EVERY Sacrament, regardless of culture, race, gender identification, sexual orientation, or marital status. Worship with us on blogtalk every Sunday at 8:30 am CST/9:30 am EST.