Angelology and Demonology with Archbishop Kristina Rake

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A graduate-level course in Angels and Demons offered through the AAOCC Seminary that examines the historical, theological, and cultural development angelology, Demonology, heaven, and hell. Course is taught once a week online by Archbishop Rake. Course begins January 7th and ends April 19th. 

Topics covered: 

  • Current theological teachings on the subjects
  • The beliefs of pre-Jewish and Christian cultures
  • Developments in beliefs from the foundations of ancient Israel to the time of Jesus
  • Angelology and Demonology in the Old Testament, Apocryphal Books, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Sacred Jewish texts (Talmud, Mishna, and Haggadah) teach
  • The evolution of the ideas of exorcism and possession from pre-Christian times to modern day
  • Medieval developments 
  • Famous cases of possession, angel encounters, and miracles through history
  • Various cults and their beliefs/Occult Practices within Satanism
  • The Theology of angels, demons, and exorcism in several different  Odeon day religious traditions 
  • Current cultural developments in media and the church
  • And much more.

This course does not teach you how to perform an exorcism, but rather traces the human belief in angels, demons, heaven, and hell throughout history. 

Students who plan to obtain a Masters Degree from the AAOCC seminary can apply this course towards their 3 credit elective theology requirement. Research work, papers, and other work is part of this course. 

Archbishop Kristina Rake is the Primate of the AAOCC. She has a Masters Degree+ from Andover Newton Theology School, a part of Yale University Divinity. She has studied this topic for 30 years and have compiled a formidable collection of ancient and medieval texts on the topic. 

‘All Students will receive an exorcist medal bracelet as a gift for taking the course. Every penny goes to the church and its clergy, parishes, and ministries.