Biblical Hermeneutics Course

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St. Hidegard's Seminary. The Bible is an unending source of both inspiration
and controversy. The fact that anyone can read the Bible
easily by using one of hundreds of translations gives the
mistaken impression that anyone can develop a valid
interpretation from the text. 
That simply is not true. 

This course will examine the development of biblical scholarship
as well as the ways 
in which meaning is derived from
the text.  
Students will learn about the various critical approaches 

to the text, such as historical criticism,  textual criticism, etc.
Students will also learn to engage various resources  to assist in scholarly 
bible study i.e.: 
concordances, commentaries, parallel bibles,  and more.
This course will equip students with the tools needed to develop meaning from the text
through a multifaceted approach that will enrich their experience of bible reading. 

Clergy taking the course will receive extra emphasis on homiletics and hermeneutics.  

The Most Reverend Kristina Rake, M.A., Instructor