Celtic Christianity

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For St. Hidegard's: Professor Exequiel Monge, Instructor

Christianity is not, and never has been, a monolith. Its whole existence has been dynamic, and so it has taken on different forms, manifesting itself in genuinely surprising ways. One of the most ​ interesting, and best documented, ancient "Christianities" is the one which flourished in Ireland and Britain between the 5th and 12th centuries, and which we know as "Celtic Christianity." This course is an invitation to take a walk on the margins, on the historical peripheries of medieval religion,  where the new and the old, the Christian and the pagan, the miraculous and the magical are mixed. The itinerary will be punctuated by the study of ancient texts, originally written in Latin or in Medieval Irish, but presented to the participants in the best English translations: from the elusive figure of the heretic Pelagius and the harrowing testimony of St. Patrick's letters, through the adventures of St. Columba and the miracles of St. Brigid,  to the mysterious spirituality of the Céili Dé (God's companions) and the crossings between hagiography and mythology that characterise the epic cycles of Cú Chulainn and Fionn Mac Cumhail.