God and the Paranormal: Mediums, Ghosts, and the Afterlife in the Bible SIGNED COPY!

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A signed and blessed copy of the groundbreaking new book by Archbishop Kristina Rake.

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From the back cover:


Is the Communion of Saints and the Doctrine of Purgatory forbidden by the Bible as Necromancy?

Is all interaction with the dead, through prayer or otherwise, forbidden by the Bible?

Bishop Rake's highly reviewed Catholic Apologetics book, "God and the Paranormal: Mediums, Ghosts, and the Afterlife in the Bible" finally answers the attacks against the Catholic Doctrines regarding the afterlife, including purgatory, the communion of saints, prayer for the dead, the relationship between the dead and the living, and speaking to the dead. Using scripture, archeological discoveries, and the best bible scholarship of the past hundred years, Archbishop Rake takes you on a journey into Ancient Israel. Showing you the original Hebrew words and the writings of Jewish scholars in the time of Jesus, she proves once and for all that the living were COMMANDED BY CHRIST to have a relationship with the dead and to assist the transmigration of the dead from life into heaven. Catholics inherited, not only the Jewish doctrines of the afterlife, but the New Testament clearly demonstrates that the Jews believed certain things would happen to the realm of the dead when the Messiah arrived, including purgatory, the resurrection, and the prayers of the saints.  

The Bible doesn’t actually forbid any and all communication with the dead. In fact, those activities the Old Testament actually does forbid have not been practiced for millennia.

Christians are actually commanded by Christ and the Apostles to perform ministry for the dead and to pray in relationship with the dead. The belief that Christians are required to continue their relationship with the dead is by no means a new interpretation of scripture. This teaching of Christ and the Apostles, continued now only in the Catholic Church, was held as sacred and not contradicted until the 1400s.

Within the pages of this book, you will discover the truth of what the Bible really teaches about the relationship between the living and the dead:

• What the Jews, including Jesus and the Apostles, believed happens when we die.
• Both Old and New Testament verses that prove we must continue our relationship with the dead.
• Jesus’ teachings that death simply cannot separate Christians and why any belief that death is a final separation is heresy.
• Writings from the Apostles and other ancient Christians proving that they believed both in conversing with those in heaven and receiving visits from them.
• What the Old Testament verses that seem to forbid communication with the dead actually say and mean.
• What the original Hebrew words regarding ghosts and the dead in the Old Testament really mean and why they are always mistranslated.
• Why God would give such gifts as mediumship to the living.
• And so much more!

Whether you are a Bible scholar, a paranormal investigator, or a Catholic who feels attacked by Evangelical Christians, you will be as shocked as much by what the Bible doesn’t say as by what it does. From Jewish zombies and incantations over pits of blood to rabbinical tales of visits to Gehenna, this book takes you on a journey into an ancient world where the veil between life and death was too thin to see. You will visit a world where life and death existed on a continuum of vitality, from the highest level of life-force to the least.

This book will then lead you into the Messianic age that Christ initiated and through a Christian universe in which, to quote St. Paul whether we are living or dead, to God, "all are alive."

However, the most important place this book will lead you to is the truth about your faith.